AR_e Domino World AR

We developed some AR applications for Windows. By holding up a toy box to a camera, a domino world appears on the package.

You can enjoy a domino world from various directions by moving a box.


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AR_e Card AR

- Changed AR Marker Picture

The Character will appear when the camera is pointing at the name card.

- Add Diorama mode

Add furniture when the button pressed.

To interact with the object in diorama mode, use ‘Move’ and ‘Turn’on lower side of the screen.

When the character is near the chair, an icon will pop up.

You can make her to sit on the chair by pressing the icon.

orderAPP Order App (for Restaurant)

Using multiple Android terminal on Wifi connection, this App can communicate the signal that is start or completion of cooking between a kitchen and a hall.

It is possible to set the limit of cooking time. When the time passes, App will notify by alarm sound.

The operation of App is as simple as touching the screen.So the time management of the "until serving food after receiving the order" will become easier, and you can expect to improve the quality of service.

Such as the seating layout / icon image to be displayed on the application screen, can be customized to suit your requirements.

 CORK / Minamiaoyama

smartphoneAPP ViER

ViERアイコン ViER
 Category:  Games    /   
 Release:  2011.12.15    / Price:  $0.99
©  plophet Co., Ltd.   /    ©  Y2 Co., Ltd.   /    ©   TMN Co., Ltd.

ViER means "4" in Germany.It's an exciting board game.Touch the piece and drag it to the new position.A piece can only be moved horizontally or vertically to a vacant space.You win by arranging your pieces into a square of 4.

 ViER Website

smartphoneAPP Find Twins with dumplings (団子の神経衰弱)

Dangoアイコン Find Twins with dumplings (団子の神経衰弱)
 Category: Puzzle Games    /   
 Release:iOS   2016.04    / Price:  Free (In-App Purchases)
©  Y2 Co., Ltd.

Let's play "Find Twins with dumplings".The basic card game everyone knows!

The rule is easy. Please make sets of a pair.
You win make all of sets. But unexpected strong enemies sometimes appear.
After you win some stages, May anything appear in the screen of select stage?

Let's try it during commutation or waiting time by yourself or with your friend.
Refresh yourself while doing the brain's practice. Please download "Find Twins of a dumpling", right now!

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